Updates / Checking In

I am looking at my queue and seeing five posts sitting in drafts:

  • Small Office Set-Up: A Short Series (posts 1 & 2)
  • A Sufficient Network for an Ordinary SMB
  • A Case for Quantitative Risk Management

Frankly, it looks like they’re going to stay in that queue for a while. Inevitably, we post about what is on our minds, and often those things that are on our minds are those things which are on the minds of our clients, our families, our friends, and our peers. Today those things in the queue are not what are on my mind, and the things that are on our minds aren’t necessarily about what’s in the queue.

Yes, there are ongoing tasks including the ordinary O&M; yes, there are questions about teleworking infrastructure and security; and, yes, there are the ordinary schedules of projects in orbit. All of these and others provide a sense of normalcy in a time when ordinary life suggests otherwise. Through other media, though, is the barrage of “In these uncertain times” marketing messages from services I haven’t used in years ~ relentless.

From my personal perspective, this is a time to re-evaluate. It’s a time to fall out of habit, to reflect, to get to the heart of what the people around us really need, and to consider deeply how we might help.

We’ll see where it leads.