Smash that Like Button and Ring that Bell! We’re adding video content :-)

OpenVAS installation on Ubuntu 18.04

There are some questions that are going to be asked more than once, and there are some answers you’ll want to work through at your own pace and you’ll want to know that you’re seeing what you’re supposed to be seeing — and maybe anecdotal experience tossed in for good measure will be worthwhile. For those situations, a video is about as close to ideal as is currently possible.

While I’ve personally done my time lecturing from podiums and blackboard, but this… is a little different. Like most things, it’ll take some time and practice — and maybe some better lighting and some acoustic wall treatments — before things are polished. Hopefully the content will carry the effort through until then 🙂

In the meantime, a few private videos have gone out discussing topics of interest including security alerts and commentary to clients who might be affected. So, go ahead and subscribe to the channel for the occasional public release. If you have a question or topic of interest, let us know — maybe we’ll add it to the queue. And if you might benefit from checking off that box of having people keeping up with threat intelligence on your organization’s behalf, visit the contact form and drop us a line!