Mitigating the Risk of your Security Audit

If your organization is obligated by law or by contract to have an outside party audit your security practices, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the one business risk that you won’t find on your audit’s report:

You don’t know what that report is going to say.

You and your team have put in the effort and made the sacrifice to bring your business to this point. You know precisely what is hanging on the word of the strangers across the table from you. So, what is their report going to say?

We’ve all been there, no?

Imagine sitting across a desk from a young, newly cross-trained polygrapher and considering the power that this stranger — a secretary just days before — held to end your career, to kill the contracts & shut down the business, and to send you and your coworkers off to find new jobs. Having lived a good, ethical life up until that moment would not have made a difference if the needle moved with that uncomfortable thought.

So, the audit…

They’re often nontrivial and pricey endeavors for several reasons, not the least of which are the requirements that cause the market to exist in the first place. That said, the work can be substantial, and the auditor’s reputation is on the line as well. Even if your crew has survived their first audits and successfully shopped around for a cheap & friendly audit firm, there is always that uneasy feeling while your personal work and your team’s effort are being evaluated by someone without skin in the game, knowing the outcome is out of your hands.

TCM Labs offers a different approach — one to help you mitigate the risk of the audit itself.

Three questions:

  • What if you knew precisely what your report would look like if it was issued today?
  • What if you had clear guidance in how to improve it before our next meeting?
  • Do you think that you could have a bulletproof security program and an “All systems GREEN” report inside a year?

It’s possible. The solution?

Subscription Security. Continuous Compliance.

Balancing the arm’s-length auditor and the high-touch adviser relationships, TCM Labs provides you with a continuous auditor’s view into the current state of your operation. When you’re ready, your formal report is just a signature away.

You know what to do.

If your business is interested in mitigating that unspoken risk — managing both costs and expectations — get ahead of your peers competing for end-of-year auditor time and pull the trigger: Read About Joe for a better understanding of what guides the vision and who signs off on the reports. Now Contact Us to begin.